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First Time Offenders

First Time DUI Offenders in Brevard County

Brevard County DUI Defense Attorneys

Brevard County Courts won’t automatically give you a break because you don’t have a previous criminal record. Any offense can lead to severe consequences, including jail, license suspension, and serious fines. When you work with our firm, you have options.

You don’t have to face this fight alone. Contact the Brevard County DUI defense attorneys at Parks & Braxton, PA for a free consultation!

This Isn’t Our First Experience with the Law

Maybe you’ve never faced a criminal charge, but our firm has helped countless clients fight for the case outcomes they need. Let us put this experience to work for you. Many people assume they don’t need a lawyer for their first DUI; after all, one arrest doesn’t make you a criminal, right? The courts aren’t this understanding. That’s why our Brevard County DUI defense lawyers are here to help you create the best strategy for your case:

  • Determine which program is best for you, if any.
  • Advise you to avoid a program, if it suits your case.
  • Seek an acquittal in court instead, if this is the best option.

Your First Legal Consultation Is On Us

Contact Parks & Braxton, PA today if you’ve been arrested for drunk driving in Brevard County, Florida. While the courts are not automatically sympathetic to first time offenders, our team knows how to use this to your advantage in the courtroom. Call our office today!

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