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Out of State DUI

Out-of-State DUI Charges

Arrested for DUI while visiting Florida?

The process and penalties for Florida DUI charges can be more complicated if you are from another state. You may think that, since you were charged with driving under the influence in Florida, your penalties will not follow you back to your home state. Unfortunately, this is not the case. When you are arrested for drunk driving in this state, you will be tried and penalized (if convicted) according to Florida state law. Then, when you return home, your license will be subject to suspension according to your home state's laws.

Almost every state throughout the country takes part in the Driver's License Compact, which requires one state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to share important traffic violation information - such as driving under the influence - with the DMV of the individual's home state. This is to prevent the offender from getting away with a serious traffic violation just because they were convicted out-of-state. Do not hesitate to hire a Brevard County DUI attorney if you've been charged with DUI here in Florida. Parks & Braxton, PA has the experience and skill to fight your charges and prevent a damaging conviction that follows you home.

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Our firm has nearly five decades of combined legal experience and has won thousands of defense cases over the years. Our attorneys are highly recognized for their knowledge of DUI defense strategies and are regularly requested to lecture at seminars across the state. We have also been featured on national television shows such as Today and networks such as CNBC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News. Contact our offices at your earliest convenience to speak with a member of our team and set up a free case evaluation. We can fight to protect you from penalties in Florida and back home.

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