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Sobriety Checkpoints

Brevard County Sobriety Checkpoints

DUI Checkpoints & Field Sobriety Tests

Florida Highway Patrol sets up DUI checkpoints in areas where individuals may be driving under the influence. These sobriety checkpoints are also conducted at times when drivers are most likely have had a few drinks, such as in the evening when they are driving home from dinner and drinks, or early in the morning after a party. By law, these sobriety checkpoints must be published by local law enforcement, informing drivers ahead of time when and where the events will occur.

When these checkpoints are conducted, law enforcement must follow strict procedures or else be guilty of police misconduct. They cannot be random or biased when selecting vehicles or motorists for questioning; the selection process must have a formula, such as every single vehicle, every third vehicle, etc. They must also have reason to detain a motorist for further testing, such as slurred speech or the smell of alcohol on their breath.

Fleeing the Scene of a Sobriety Checkpoint

It is important to note that purposefully avoiding a sobriety checkpoint can result in charges of fleeing the scene. This is because many individuals who try to get out of a checkpoint know that they will fail the test and are trying to avoid criminal charges. If you attempt to drive away from a checkpoint, you could face even more criminal penalties that if you went through with it and contacted a Brevard County DUI lawyer after an arrest.

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