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Understand Your Rights

Understand Your Rights

Even when you've been arrested, you still have rights under state and federal law. At Parks & Braxton, PA, we ensure that each of our clients is aware of their rights and we fight relentlessly to protect those rights and to get their DUI case dismissed. Having won thousands of DUI cases in Florida over the years, we have proven our ability to achieve results.

Unlawful Police Stops

Many DUI arrests are made wrongfully due to an unlawful police stop or police misconduct in a field sobriety test or BAC test. An officer can only stop a motorist if they were tipped off by another motorist and / or they witnessed signs of intoxication as the motorist operated their vehicle. These signs include weaving out of their lane, erratic speeds, ignoring traffic signs and signals, failing to use their turn signals, and driving in the dark with the headlights off. If an officer stops you without having grounds to do so, they have overstepped their authority and violated your rights.

Miranda Rights

If you are arrested for driving under the influence, you still have rights. These rights have become known as the Miranda Warning or Miranda Rights and include your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney. Contrary to popular belief, an arresting officer does not have to "read you your rights" when they arrest you. They are required to honor those rights, however, which means that your case could be dismissed if they violate those rights.

Your right to remain silent is extremely important. Anything you say after your arrest can be used against you during your trial, which is why you should not say another word to anyone - even law enforcement officers - until you've exercised your other right, the right to an attorney. Once you have hired a Brevard County DUI lawyer, you will have the counsel of an experienced attorney by your side to help you avoid incrimination. Only then can you provide a statement with confidence that you will not damage your case. The legal team at Parks & Braxton, PA highly encourages you to engage in a free initial consultation as soon as possible if you have been arrested for DUI. Our firm has the experience and aggression to win the results you need.

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